Pneumatic Shutter Vibrators

Pneumatic Shutter Vibrators

Operating  Instructions:- 
  • when assembling hose to vibrator, secure vibrator hose end and clean it by blowing air through, repeat the cleaning process every time the hose is detached.
  • make sure that compressed air system is equipped with sufficient needs and do not let water to enter into the vibrator.
  • our vibrator works only on pneumatic principle and has no need of any lubricants in working.
  • when not in use cover the vibrator properly to keep it away from dust and moister.
  • To ensure the vibrator functions efficiently assembling nuts must be tightened properly. Use counter nuts to provide the vibrator from loosening. Make sure the vibrator is Horizontal when mounted on.









Air Consumption


Vibration RPM








 160 mm





 16.7 Kg




 5-7 kg bar






This extremely simple design high-frequency vibrator attains maximum working forces with just two moving parts and five basic components.
Because it has no bearings, usual maintenance and wear problems have been eliminated without sacrifice of high operating speed.
Used in conjunction with weld-on bracket, as its cradle plate is welded on the surface and its pendulum designed I-bolt is quickly fixing or release from any conjunction areas.Cradle plate or bracket is manufactured from EN-Series
Cradle plate or bracket is manufactured from EN-Series material, so that it may be easily welded on any surface, with quiet good strength and it can bare full vibration of vibrator.
Its length is    =    240mm and width is = 85mm